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Medit Extended Warranty

Medit Extended Warranty

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Only for intraoral scanners (i500, i600, i700, i700w)

The extended warranty is added on top of the 1-year included warranty you receive when the scanner is first purchased.

For Example: If scanner is purchased from Dentcore 06/01/2023 with 2-year extended warranty, than the warranty ends on 06/01/2026 (1 year included warranty + 2 years of extended warranty = total of 3 years warranty).

The scanner handpiece and accessories required for operation are covered by this extended warranty.

- Product warranty scope.

If under normal and proper use, a defect or non-conformity appears in the warranted product during the applicable warranty period and the customer promptly notifies Dentcore, of such defect or non-conformity, and follows the shipping instructions provided for the return of the product, then Medit will replace the defective handpiece at no charge. Medit may repair the defective product instead of replacing it upon the reseller's request.

Product: Medit i700, Medit i700 Wireless, Medit i600

The warranty period of the replaced product will follow the duration of the extended warranty period. The accessories will be replaced if the product trouble is determined to be caused by a defect in manufacturing.

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