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Enhance Bonding with ID PMMABOND for PMMA & Acrylics

Enhance Bonding with ID PMMABOND for PMMA & Acrylics

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ID PMMABOND is a primer for PMMA, acrylics, and resin compounds. Due to its unique formula and consistency, it will improve bonding by up to 50%, when used with the ID LC System, in a wide variety of applications. Its application is recommended when combining putty and fluid resins, or other types of resin-based materials such as acrylics, composites, or PMMA.


  • Manufacture of dentures and removable appliances.
  • Repair or relining of dentures and removable teeth.


 Prepare the retentive surface.

  • Apply evenly over the area of ​​interest.
  • Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the surface to dry. There is no need for a light cure.
  • Apply other resin-based materials and polymerize.
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