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Rodin™ Titan 3D Resin - 300g/Bottle

Rodin™ Titan 3D Resin - 300g/Bottle

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Rodin™ Titan 3D Resin, 300g /Bottle - Pac-Dent Inc

Key Advantages

Enhanced Efficiency: Titan’s advanced composition is crafted for accelerated and precise printing. This optimizes in-office workflow, ensuring quick and dependable delivery of dental products to patients.

Precise Vita Shade Assortment: Our Rodin™ Titan range comes in 6 premium vita shades (BL0, BL3, B1, A1, A2, and A3). This selection empowers dental professionals to achieve a perfect match, seamlessly blending with the patient's natural dentition for an indistinguishable finish.

True-to-Life Translucency: Engineered to outperform, Rodin™ Titan showcases exceptional tooth-like translucency, setting a new standard in replicating the look of natural teeth.

Superior Radiopacity: Rodin™ Titan's radiopacity is meticulously calibrated for enhanced visibility under X-rays, supporting precise fitting checks and adjustments right in the dental clinic.

Customizable Aesthetics: Specifically designed to work in tandem with light-curable acrylic stain and glaze systems, such as our Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit, for bespoke aesthetic refinements.

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