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BiLumix Headlamp

BiLumix Headlamp

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Generation 2.0 BiLumix Headlamp

Generation 2.0
BiLumix Headlamp

New Feature Improved design (forehead & rear head pads) will give you a more snug and secure fit for better comfortability
One-touch on-off button with User-friendly power indicator

Weight: 140g
Brightness: Max 100,000 lux
Battery Life:
Max Intensity: About 3 hours (Continuously)
Mid to Low Intensity: 5 to 8 hours(Continuously)

Included Accessories:
BiLumix Headlamp comes with
2 Rechargeable Batteries,1 Battery Cradle, 1 Attachable Light Source Filters (Clear) and 1 Travel Bag

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