ICam4D Photogrammetry System ICam4D Photogrammetry System

Meet the ICam4D Photogrammetry System by Imetric 4D Imaging

If you'd love a tool that makes your multi-implant restoration process faster, seamless, and more affordable, the revolutionary ICam4D system is for you. This technology benefits everyone from dentist to patient, and provides accurate, predictable results regardless of its operator– guaranteed.

Photogrammetry for Chairside Measurement of Implant Positions

Revolutionizing the workflow for multi-implant restorations. iCam 4D technology reduces chair-time, number of visits, necessary hardware, personnel, and production costs. It guarantees predictable and accurate results.

With the system's ICamBodies, taking impressions for multi-implant restorations only takes a few minutes, which translates into faster, easier appointments for both the patient and the dental professional. This tool will provide a perfect fit every time and eliminate other impression material costs. Patients will have a more comfortable experience from the beginning, as this technology doesn't require the mouth to be opened to extreme positions in order to get accurate measurement. The ICam4D also greatly reduces the workload for lab technicians, eliminating the need for redundant model production and scanning.

What Is ICam4D?

The ICam4D system includes several pieces of technology that work in concert to produce fast, accurate results. First and foremost, the handheld camera unit uses a combination of photogrammetric and structured light scanning operations to collect data in 3D from four cameras and a projector.

Chairside Benefits of ICam4D

Chairside Benefits

  • Large Savings in valuable chair time due to the easy placement of the iCamBodies and the rapid measurements with the iCam4D.
  • Predictable outcome that is independent of the skill level of the user.
  • Elimination of costs associated with impression materials for multi-implants.
  • No re-tries because the first part will have a perfect fit.

Lab Benefits

  • No need for models with gingiva mask and implant analogs.
  • No need to scan complex implant models.

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