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Dentistry Brilliance

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Embrace Precision, Unleash Innovation

Welcome to exocad, the pinnacle of digital dentistry design. This cutting-edge software is meticulously
crafted to transform your practice, offering unparalleled precision, innovation, and adaptability.

Key Benefits

Precision Unleashed

  • Achieve meticulous precision
    with every design.
  • Craft dental solutions with
    unparalleled accuracy.

Innovative Design Modules

  • Tailor your workflow with an array
    of versatile design modules.
  • Experience flexibility and
    creativity at your fingertips.

3D Printing Mastery

  • Seamlessly integrate with leading
    3D printers for flawless output.
  • Transform digital designs into
    tangible dental brilliance.

Features to Propel Your Practice

User-Friendly Interface

  • Navigate effortlessly through a sleek and intuitive interface.
  • Reduce learning curves and maximize efficiency.

Advanced Prosthetic Solutions

  • Craft intricate prosthetics with advanced design capabilities.
  • Ensure optimal fit, function, and aesthetics.

Realistic Digital Wax-Ups

  • Create lifelike digital wax-ups for enhanced treatment planning.
  • Enhance patient communication with visual precision.

Explore Version


  • The foundation for dental CAD/CAM applications.
  • Robust and adaptable, catering to a range of dental design needs.


  • Designed for in-office milling with seamless integration.
  • Empower chairside procedures with real-time digital design.

Model Creator

  • Specialized module for digital model creation.
  • Streamline and enhance your model design workflow.


  • Tailored for designing removable partial dentures.
  • Precision and efficiency for partial denture solutions.

Revolutionize Your Digital Workflow
Why Choose exocad for Your Lab or Practice?

Speed and Ease: Our CAD software is renowned for its speedy operation and user-friendly interface, minimizing training costs and maximizing productivity.

One Platform, All Solutions: exocad, you can seamlessly integrate, create, and manufacture, making it the ultimate digital dentistry solution.

Versatility: Whether it's crowns, bridges, veneers, or more, exocad's DentalCAD handles a broad scope of indications, enabling you to design beautiful and functional dental restorations.

Robust Performance: Even with complex cases, exocad excels. Enjoy reliable and speedy software capable of handling high data volumes without a hitch.

Comprehensive Data Handling: Combine multiple data sources, from intraoral scans to 3D face scans, DICOM files, and patient photos, streamlining your workflow.

Freedom of Choice: exocad's open software architecture, you have the freedom to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of 3rd party production equipment.

User-Friendly Guidance: exocad offers a wizard-based workflow for a seamless design process. In expert mode, fine-tune settings and access supplementary features and tools.


Interactive Treatment

  • Engage patients with interactive treatment visuals.
  • Boost case acceptance through clear and immersive communication.

Digital Smile

  • Sculpt smiles with digital precision.
  • Transform patient smiles confidently and accurately.

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