DentCore is a full service dental lab supplier. DentCore offers fixed and removable restorations with uncompromising quality and cost-advantageous pricing. DentCore specializes in the use of advanced technologies for the fabrication of the most sought after CAD/CAM restorations such as Full Solid Zirconia.

DentCore provides the assurance that only the finest FDA approved materials from major dental manufacturers are used for the fabrication of your cases and worked on by highly-skilled dental technicians. At DentCore, emphasis is placed on delivering perfectly-fitting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing crown and bridge restorations.

More and more every day, customers are looking toward DentCore for an extra helping hand to deliver restorations with quick, reliable turnaround times, and exceptional quality. Our business model is designed to meet your dental laboratory needs by working as an extension to your business. DentCore gives your business a boost without compromising your dental work. Let DentCore provide a helping hand and bring you peace of mind today!

We look forward to working with you!