Asiga Pro 4K

Wondering what the Asiga Pro 4K is? The Asiga Pro 4K uses the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve one of the largest print envelopes.

Here is everything you need to know about the features of the Asiga Pro 4K:

The features of the Asiga Pro 4K

The features of the Asiga Pro 4K include:

  • 60 mm or 80 mm print precision. The Asiga Pro 4K is optimized for both audio and dental lab or clinical environments.
  • Ideal for a number of different dental settings. The Asiga Pro 4K is ideal for a number of different dental settings, including surgical guides, dental models, temporaries, denture bases, partial frameworks, crown and bridge, IBTs, custom trays, splints, and more.
  • Industry proven performance. The Asiga Pro 4K has industry proven performance, including reliability, speed, and precision for the most demanding production applications.
  • Latest DLP imaging technology. The Asiga Pro 4K offers the latest DLP imaging technology, which is coupled with custom engineered optics for precision pixel placement.
  • Super fast print mode available. The Asiga Pro 4K offers a super fast print mode, which helps with volume production in minimal time.
  • Proprietary layering processes. These proprietary layering processes provide repeatable precision with Asiga’s proven process monitoring technologies.
  • SPS Smart-Positioning-System Technology. Asiga’s unique Smart-Positioning-System or SPS process guarantees every layer is formed, which accurately leads to consistent results in any environment.
  • Open material system. You can print with any suitable material from any material manufacturer with an open material system.
  • Seamless integration. The Asiga Pro 4K offers a simple touch screen user interface and multiple connection options for seamless integration into the digital workflow.
  • Large print envelope. The Asiga Pro 4K also offers a large print envelope for volume throughput with high-speed print options DentCore.

Technical specifications of the Asiga Pro 4K

The Asiga Pro 4K offers the following technical specifications:

  • Pro 4K65 Build Volume X, Y, Z. 176 x 99 x 200 mm. 6.94 x 3.9 x 7.87 inches.
  • Pro 4K65 Pixel Resolution – 4K Mode. 46 mm.
  • Pro 4K65 Pixel Resolution – Native Mode. 65 mm.
  • Pro 4K80 Build Volume X, Y, Z. 217 x 122 x 200 mm. 8.54 x 4.8 x 7.87 inches.
  • Pro 4K80 Pixel Resolution – 4K Mode. 56 mm.
  • Pro 4K80 Pixel Resolution – Native Mode. 80 mm.
  • Technology. DLP.
  • LED wavelength. 385 nm (high power UV LED) or 405 nm.
  • Material compatibility. Open. Use any third party material. Qualified with Whip Mix Resins.
  • File inputs. STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)