Wondering what a Medit i500 Scanner is? The Medit i500 intraoral scanner offers productivity, efficiency, and value. The three qualities make it simple to incorporate the intraoral scanner into the workflow.

Here is everything you need to know about the Medit i500 Scanner:

What is the Medit i500 Scanner?

The Medit i500 Scanner is designed with quality in mind and to add value to your practice. No matter the specialization, the i500 ensures that your workflows are optimized, that your professional needs are met, and that your flexibility is guaranteed. Here are the benefits of the Medit i500 Scanner:

  • Flexibility. The Medit i500 Scanner provides flexibility with an open system for integrated CAD/CAM workflow, which allows for the export of STL files for easy file transfer and optimized collaboration.
  • Impressive speed. The Medit i500 Scanner also offers impressive speed with an intelligent scan-detecting algorithm with two high-speed cameras for efficient and fast intraoral scanning.
  • Powderless. The scanner is also powderless, which means that there is no need for powder in most regular cases. This allows for a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort.

The features of the Medit i500 Scanner

The Medit i500 Scanner has a number of different features, including:

  • Small tip. The scanner has a small tip with simpler maneuverability and improved patient comfort while scanning.
  • Single button control. There is no need to reach for the computer, since the user can start, stop, and move to the next scanning stage by pressing one single button on the device.
  • High resolution. The scanner also has high resolution with easy to locate margin lines and undercuts, as well as a distinction between the soft tissue and the tooth structure, thanks to the realistic high-resolution images.
  • Vivid color. The scanner has a vivid color with three-dimensional or 3D full color streaming capture for precise scans and detail-rich images.
  • Video type. The scanner also offers 3D in motion video technology that allows for rapid video-based scans without worrying about choppy results.
  • Lightweight. The Medit i500 intraoral scanner is fairly lightweight. The scanner only weighs 280 grams and is very easy to hold, which makes the scanning process comfortable.

Perfect software and hardware combination

Using the Medit i500 scanner and its associated software is a great experience. The scanner is fairly simple to understand for all users, and it’s fairly easy to incorporate the system into your lab or practice DentCore.