VHF Milling Machines Warranty Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all vhf milling machines (“Product”) come with 24 months or 2,000 operating hours bring-in warranty. This warranty applies to the machine and accessories in the original packaging. The bring-in warranty extends to material and manufacturing failures, provided that use is in accordance with the original documentation. The original documentation includes, but is not limited to, the operating instructions, short instructions, warning sheets, safety labels, as well as written DentCore agent instructions.

General exceptions

All repair service to the Product, whether by DentCore or vhf, shall be free of charge within the scope of 24-month (or 2,000 hour) bring-in warranty, excluding following general exceptions. This list is not exhaustive; it is vhf’s discretion to decide if warranty case applies after inspection.

  • Wear – as long as the failures are not due to material defects or manufacturing. The main wear parts are listed in the respective machine manual. e.g. spindle bearings and rubber pads on tool holder.
  • Damages resulting from insufficiently or incorrectly performed maintenance and / or cleaning.
  • Damages resulting from use of a 3rd party CAM software or use of 3rd party milling / grinding tools.
  • Damages caused by use with a Product that is not part of the original scope of delivery of vhf.
  • Damages caused by accidents, abuse, fire or force majeure.
  • Any case of modifications of Products or accessories which are not authorized by vhf.
  • If the machine‘s serial number, machine parts or accessories have been removed or defaced.
  • Improper handling, such as non-compliance of the original documentation or instructions of vhf service personnel.
  • Unauthorized repair work (work that is not described in the service instructions) or replacement of parts on the Product that are not listed on the official vhf spare parts list. The only exception to this is work or repairs which have been approved by vhf in writing.

First-level service

DentCore is responsible for providing first-level service to the customer, of which typical example includes:

  • Error containment in case of poor milling results (e.g. chipping, rough surface etc.)
  • Analysis and design consulting of .stl files
  • Hardware, software and user error containment
  • Review of the entire workflow and operating environment at the End User’s site
  • Support of the End User in calibrating the machine
  • Maintenance, cleaning, lubrication of the Product
  • Implementation of software updates
  • Renewed training of the End User in case of knowledge gaps (DentCore reserves right to charge the customer for re-training if the content of the education was something already provided in the past)

DentCore shall also provide repair and warranty service which are applicable as first-level service. If a repair or warranty service which exceeds the scope of first-level service is required, DentCore will request support from vhf’s second-level service.

Second-level service

Second-level services will sometimes require the Product to be sent back to vhf for inspection and repair. DentCore shall process all RMA documentation with vhf and arrange shipping. As this is bring-in warranty, customer will be responsible for all shipping fees to DentCore. Customer will not be responsible for shipping fee back to the customer.

While the repair service is being processed, DentCore shall either provide a loaner equipment to the customer or provide job processing service. Should a loaner equipment service be provided, the customer must execute a separate loaner equipment agreement with DentCore.

Approximate processing time after receipt of the goods at vhf:

  • Products for maintenance and repair: approx. 2-3 weeks
  • Spare part repairs: approx. 2-3 weeks (except spindle repairs: up to approx. 6 weeks), plus delivery time to Germany if applicable.

Shipment of Products must occur using the original packaging (including the wooden crate & protective padding), as they provide the best protection. Customer should store the original packaging the Product came in safely so they can be reused in the event warranty service is required. Customer will be required to purchase a new packaging if the original is lost or disposed.