SCANTIST 3D – vanishing is a revolutionary scan spray, which was developed for extraoral applications in dental laboratories.

A coating with SCANTIST 3D – vanishing improves the measurement properties of tooth models, plaster casts, preparations, stumps and impressions.

SCANTIST 3D – vanishing forms a homogeneous and very fine, white matting layer on objects. This coating avoids any reflection and the object can be precisely scanned. Fine details in geometry and surface are not affected by the coating.

Product Features: 

  • Self-disappearing, extraoral 3D scan spray for dental applications.
  • No contamination of object, environment and user
  • No cleaning required – cost savings
  • Free of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and other pigments


Apply SCANTIST 3D vanishing uniformly from a distance of 5-10cm

Scan your object

The coating disappears on its own

No cleaning required