“Finally, no more fingers or other artifacts in my scans,” Dr. Richard Martin

Benefits of Scan-Mate

  • Comfortable retraction, control that produces quality images quickly
  • Efficient scanning experience for single restorations to full arch cases.
  • Clean up after scanning reduced by minutes!
  • Ideal for all scanning needs – crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics.
  • Dental team immediately appreciates that Scan-Mate is their tool, making scanning more accepting for them.

“Intra-oral scanning is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy… getting the proper retraction is essential to insure proper image acquisition and quality. Mirrors are reflective and often uncomfortable for the patient… and we shouldn’t be using fingers to retract for single teeth or full arch restorations. I have been very impressed with the recently introduced Scan-Mate’s fully adjustable and non-reflective instrument which definitively solves the problem. Scan-Mate allows me to quickly and clearly visualize the area to be scanned, helping to insure accurate, crisp, and clean images.“

– Dr. Scott Ganz on Scan-Mate