High performing 4 in 1 Cone Beam CT system
provides essential functions for dental treatment.

Panoramic -Cephalometric
-3D CBCT -3D CT impression

It is an appropriate digital diagnostic equipment with both efficiency and economy. You can expand the treatment area by combining one-shot and scan type Cephalometry.

01 Visible X-ray Guide
The user can conveniently adjust the FOV according to the purpose of the treatment

02 Image Processing Technology
70pm voxel size (4cm diameter) and 6 second reconstruction time (16cm diameter)

03 Specialized for Endodontic Procedures
– Voxel size: 70pm
– Minimum FOV: 4x3cm

04 Fast Scan View a CT Image in Less than 10 Seconds
– Ideal for immediate implant placement validation
– Scan time: 4.9 seconds
– Reconstruction time: 4 seconds
– More accurate, faster, and lower dose than a panoramic acquisition

05 One Shot Ceph
– Fast acquisition to reduce patient movement and image distortion
– Minimize patient dose with a 0.3 second exposure

06 Panoramic
The state of the art technology for high-definition image quality

07 Wireless remote control
Non-directional wireless remote control facilitates your patient positioning easier than ever

08 Various options for your practice
– 13x10cm or 16x10cm maximum FOV optlo
– 3 different cephalometry options including One Shot Ceph

& Rayguard Protection
Real time monitoring to ensure optimal functionality

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