Pro 95 S 3D Printer Bundle

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SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer

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SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer

The Pro S 3D printer is designed to improve the productivity of your practice. It’s been meticulously designed to make it easy to learn, train, and delegate your in-office production workflow.

Designed exclusively for dental professionals, Pro S is simple to learn and easy to teach thanks to its user-friendly design.

Our fastest printer just got faster. Now Bolt Optimized to deliver more smiles per hour.

Fabricate dental parts for all kinds of treatments with wide materials compatibility and industry-leading speed.

SprintRay Pro S features a completely reworked onboard intelligence, designed around delivering the right information at the right time. Leveraging the new network of sensors embedded in Pro S, it tracks everything from tank life to reminding you to clean your build plate between jobs. With PrintOS, it’s easy to learn, implement, and teach 3D printing in your office.

Pro95 S

Incredible speed and throughput meets industry-leading accuracy

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