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Category i700
Scanning Technology
Scanning Frame Up to 70 FPS
Imaging Technology 3D-in-motion video technology

3D full color streaming capture

Light Source LED
Anti-Fogging Technology Adaptive Anti-fogging
Full-Arch 10.9μm ± 0.98
Dimensions 248 x 44 x 47.4mm
Weight 245g
Tip Size 22 x 15.9mm
Mirror Angle 45-degree angle
Scan Area 15 x 13mm
Autoclave Up to 100 Times

Autoclave 121°C 30 mins | Autoclave 134°C 4 mins

Reversible Tip Yes
Special Mode
Remote Control Mode Yes
UV-C LED Disinfection Yes
Length 2.0 m / Handpiece Detachable
Type USB 3.1 Gen1 (C Power Delivery)

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Unleash the Potential of Your Clinic with the New Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner

Producing the most accurate intraoral scans for your patients is critical in determining the right treatments that will improve support their oral health and hygiene. The Medit i700 is the new generation of intraoral scanner offered by Dentcore, providing a range of improvements and benefits over previous models. Super lightweight and boasting innovative features such as automatic UV-C LED disinfection, the Medit i700 facilitates robust scanning to the highest levels of precision and accuracy. Create same day crowns with a more comfortable fit, and offer your patients more in terms of their dental care.

Features of the Medit i700

The Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner offered by Dentcore is a significant improvement over the i500 model. Weighing only 245 grams and with a beautiful ergonomic design, the Medit i700 makes for easier and more comfortable use. Remote control mode allows you to easily zoom in and out, and the reversible tip provides the ability to produce scans of the whole mouth. Color expression quality has been improved four fold, and you will enjoy a faster and smoother rendering on your software with support for up to 70 frames per second.

Experience the Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner for Yourself Today

The i700 is the newest addition to the Medit family and offers your clinic an innovative way to produce your intraoral scans. To learn more about the Medit i700

The Medit I700 Scanner Offers Precision and Accuracy Every Time

As a dentist, being able to offer your patients comfort when fitting dental prosthetics is crucial. Scanning technology for dentists has come far in recent years, and there are many options when it comes to handheld intraoral scanners. Dentcore is your trusted manufacturer of premium dental scanner equipment that offers precision and accuracy to your patients. Our Medit range, including the new and improved Medit I700 scanner, provides you with the ability to perform high accuracy scanning so that you can create comfortable and beautiful dental prosthetics every time.

Powerful Scanning Technology with the Medit I700 Intraoral Scanner

The i700 Medit is an outstanding addition to the Dentcore range and offers unlimited power when it comes to creating intraoral scans that will help you to design dental treatment solutions that will benefit your patients. With an exceptional lightweight design and offering a range of features, including the ability to zoom via remote control mode and whole mouth scanning, you can easily create same day crowns that are comfortable to wear. With plug and scan ability, the Medit I700 scanner is easy to set up and use, integrating into your dental practice seamlessly.

Ask Us About the i700 Medit Today

Take your practice to the next level and unleash your potential with the Medit I700 intraoral scanner offered by the team at Dentcore. We are committed to supporting you through high quality components. To find out more, contact our team today by calling us at (844) 292-8023.

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