Medit i500 is the perfect intraoral scanner for jump-start to digital dentistry, exemplifies three qualities:

Value, Efficiency, and Productivity.

Digital dentistry begins with intra oral scanner. Medit i500 is the ideal entry point for digital dentistry, because it is fast, accurate, and affordable. MSRP priced at $18,000 without any subscription fees, full color, and powder-free, Medit i500 is taking the IOS market by a storm and many dentists are realizing that digital dentistry is finally affordable.

DentCore is your go to professionals for anything dental CAD/CAM. For clinicians, right now is the perfect time to dive deep into digital dentistry. Treatment innovations in dentistry is more and more heading towards digital. From provisionals to implants to full arch restorations, digital method of treatment planning and fabrication of prosthesis is continuously being developed while analog methods are becoming stagnant.

Make the transition today and enjoy the MEDIT experience with DentCore.

Why Medit i500

Why Medit i500 with DentCore

DentCore only supports open system equipment and the Medit i500 is no different. Why is being open system important? An open-system based CAD/CAM equipment can at any time be modularly replaced or upgraded with another, different brand of open system equipment. This is a crucial feature that many IOS brands lack or are restrictive, causing the clinicians to be locked into one brand of CAD/CAM equipment and software. Because the Medit i500 is open-system equipment, it will work perfectly fine with some of other equipment that we provide, such as exocad or EnvisionTEC 3D printers. But if these equipment does not have some features that the clinician wants, then they can always use it with another brand of equipment.

Time is coming when patients will notice the difference between clinicians that are digital savvy and those that are not. By entering digital dentistry with the Medit i500 from DentCore, our end users enjoy on-site installation and training that jump-starts them to digital dentistry. This allows even those that are completely new to digital methods a chance to learn hands-on from the experts. Not only that, DentCore will provide lifetime remote support included with all CAD/CAM equipment purchases.


Tip18 x 15.2 mm (WxH)
Overall Handpiece Length266 mm
Imaging Technology3D-in-motion video technology
Color3D full color streaming capture
ConnectivityUSB 3.0
Scanning FOV14 x 13 mm

Medit i500 User Guide

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