Chairside milling for same day crowns with Maxx precision

Specially Designed For Dental Clinics

Every feature and specification is designed for the dental clinic environment. Small and compact, but fast and highly accurate milling.

No Compressed air needed

Free voltage (ac110 – AC200)

Noise Shielding for silent office

Maximum Accuracy and Short Milling Time

The AC Servo motor enables stable and precise control, and the two spindles and automatic tool changer makes same day fabrication flawless. It delivers a smile to the patients in a short time.

Milling Materials 

Pin type block

Block dimensions 15x15x38mm

Glass ceramics, hybrid resin, zirconia,pmma

Simple to Use 

Our user-friendly software, MAXX continues milling functions to save time. You can have remote services and training and operate the machine through MAXX LINK. MAXX has more functions to help the milling process more convenient and safe.

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