Medit i500 Manufacturer’s Warranty Information

Rev 1.3


The Medit i500 (Product) is warranted to be free of quality defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year (“Warranty Period”) from the date of product registration in (“Installation Date”).

The end user shall accept and sign a Customer Acceptance Protocol Agreement (“Acceptance Protocol”) document upon completion of the installation. Acceptance Protocol shall include the following information: business name, address, Product(s) installed, Product’s Serial Number & Lot #, and the Installation Date.

The Installation Date shall not be more than four (4) months after the date of purchase order / invoice, whichever is earlier.

In the event a quality defect is found with the Product within the Warranty Period, the end user must notify appropriate distributor (15) days of the occurrence or discovery of the defect. The Product shall either be repaired or replaced, at distributor’s decision, free of charge to the end user, including shipping and handling fees. A loaner scanner will be provided during the repair or replacement period. Once repair or replacement scanner has been delivered to the end user, the loaner scanner must be returned within reasonable time, or loaner equipment fee will incur.

The Warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear; loss or theft; unintentional physical damage (i.e. dropping); intentional physical damage including, but not limited, to, disassembly; products with removed, defaced or altered serial numbers; indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of data, down-time and charges for time and effort.

After the Warranty period expires, should there be an event where a quality defect is found, the loaner scanner can still be provided by distributor to the end user for a fee, according to the DentCore Loaner Equipment Agreement. Labor, parts, and shipping for repair will be charged appropriately to the end user.

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty

End users may purchase two (2) years of extended warranty on top of the one (1) year warranty that comes with the machine. This purchase will result in three (3) years of total warranty period (1 year included + 2 years of extension).

This extension must be purchased within the 1 year of the included basic warranty period.

Price: Two (2nd  + 3rd year) year Extended Warranty cost: $1600.