Basic, non-basic performance

Geo Mill G5 is a 5 axis milling machine specialized for zirconia. It is basic but strong and solid machine with stable components like LM guide and Ball screw so Geo Mill G5 can get high quality result even for long working hours. Geo Mill G5 can mill various types of designs like zirconia abutment, full crown bridge, undercut and so on minutely throughsimultaneous 5axis motion.

Why you need to choose G5!

  • Basic machine but with non-basic performance by simultaneous 5axis milling.
  • Anyone can use easily with easy and convenient maintenance/repair.
  • Appropriate machine for any size laboratories so various customers can satisfy with.
  • Advantageousness for using through automatic tool changer and tool sensor.
  • Easy and good-looking interface so anyone can use and control easily.
  • Secure spatiality through embedded screen and PC. (minimize the limitation of space)
  • Milling for long hours is available so it can draw maximum productivity
  • Available for undercut milling for detailed part with simultaneous 5axis motion.
  • Milling for every kinds of zirconia without chipping.
  • Fast and precise milling makes customers save working hours.

Product Specifications

Size (machine) 405 x 510 x 450 mm
Weight (machine)50kg
Spindle30,000RPM / 450W
Tool Pocket7ea / Tool Shank Size: Ø4
AxisSimultaneous 5-axis
MotorStepping motor

Automatic tool change& calibration
Available Materials include: ZIRCONIA | PMMA | WAX | HYBRID CERAMIC
Available Types Inlay, Onlay | Copping(Bridge) | Crown(Bridge) | Veneer | Zirconia Abutment