PLEASE NOTE: As of 03/29/19, due to Medit offering their own extended warranty, DentCore’s Total Protection Extended Warranty will be DISCONTINUED.
Please see following link for details on currently active warranty information:

Following information details the terms and conditions of the DentCore Medit i500 Total Protection Extended Warranty Program (“Extended Warranty”):

  1. Coverage Terms:
    1. Coexistence with Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. The Extended Warranty will coexist with the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, during the time both warranties are in effect. If during that time a warranty claim is made, then Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty shall be the primary source of warranty. If Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty does not provide coverage for the claim, then the Extended Warranty shall provide coverage, according to the terms set on this document. Medit i500’s Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty lasts for one year after the Customer Acceptance Protocol Agreement signature date. If a signed Acceptance Protocol does not exist in the record, Manufacturer’s Warranty will begin from the Equipment’s invoice date. For more details on the Medit i500 Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, please see
    2. Total Protection. DentCore’s Extended Warranty is a Total Protection plan, which protects the End User from all costs associated with repair or replacement of a damaged or defective i500 during the Coverage Period. The cause of damage and/or defect may be accidental mishandling of the Equipment or originate from hardware itself.
    3. Covered Parts (“Equipment”). The Extended Warranty covers the Medit i500 wand and its main hardware component. The Extended Warranty does not cover associated hardware accessories (i.e. Calibration Tool, Power Adapter, Desktop Cradle), any software that comes with the Equipment, consumables (such as tips), or any computer that was purchased with the Equipment.
    4. Limitations. The Extended Warranty does not cover: normal ware and tare; loss or theft; intentional physical damage including, but not limited, to, disassembly; products with removed, defaced or altered serial numbers; indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of data, down-time and charges for time and effort.
  1. Purchase Terms:
    1. Fees. First & second (1st – 2nd) year Extended Warranty cost: $1500. Third year Extended Warranty cost: $2000.
    2. Purchase Period. The Extended Warranty must be purchased within (30) days of the Acceptance Protocol signature date. If a signed Acceptance Protocol does not exist in the record, the Purchase Period will be within 30 days of the Equipment’s invoice date.

Regarding any questions about the extended warranty, please contact us.

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