This page provides information regarding exocad license expiration.

Not paying the exocad update fee in the due time will cause your license to be expired.
Payment due date for all exocad licenses are 45 days prior to the actual contract expiry date. If the end user does not make the payment for the license update or respond to the notification emails by the payment due date, it will be considered that the end user is opting out of updating their exocad license.

An expired exocad license will have several consequences, depending your license type.

If an exocad license expires,

For Perpetual license users:
– Users CAN continue to use the license as-is
– Users CANNOT update to the latest update
– Users CANNOT add new modules
– Users CANNOT transfer the license to another reseller
– In order to update an expired license, the user must pay the Refresh Program fee. For details on the Refresh Program, please see:

For Flex license users:
– Users CANNOT use the license anymore. This expiration is PERMANENT.

Other Information:
– exocad DentalCAD can be EITHER Perpetual or Flex, depending on the version you purchased
– ChairsideCAD is ALWAYS Flex license

For any inquiries and to request a quote for your update fee from DentCore, please reach out to: