EnvisionTEC’s E-Dent 400 printing material for the Perfactory family of 3D printers is a biocompatible Class IIa and FDA-approved solution for the accurate 3D printing of crowns and bridges for long-term temporary use. E-Dent 400 can also be used for the 3D printing of very tough veneers that are extremely accurate and have a very fine surface finish. Full crowns or multi-unit bridges can be printed and the printed designs can also be cut back to allow for color layering and shading.

Availability of 3D printable PMMA material for the dental clinical use is a giant step for dental CAD/CAM applications. Temporization is an intrinsic part of dentistry, as dental prosthetics must be personalized for each patient and final restorations takes days or weeks to fabricate. 3D printing technology bypasses all manufacturing hardships that milling technology has endured; there are no undercut limitations, minimum manufacturing space, noise, and smell (important for in-clinic labs), lack of connectors, etc. The lack of undercut especially makes E-Dent400 ideal for veneer temporizations / previsualizations.

All E-Dent400 resin materials are $450.00 per kilo.

Please see the following chart for available shades:

E-Dent400 Shade Code ($450 / kilo) Comparable Shade
E-Dent 400 BL B1 or lighter
E-Dent400 N1 A1-A2
E-Dent400 N1.5 A3-A3.5
E-Dent400 N.2 B3
E-Dent400 N2.5 B4
E-Dent400 N3 A4 or darker
E-Dent400 T C1