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vhf and DentCore enter sales partnership for same-day dentistry milling machine

New U.S reseller for vhf’s Z4 Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, September 04, 2019: vhf announces that the dental supplier DentCore will add the revolutionary milling and grinding machine Z4 to their portfolio. The Virginia-based reseller will offer the futuristic mill for same-day dentistry restorations throughout the U.S. Dr. Nicolas Rohde, the CEO of vhf Inc. is very pleased about the new cooperation: “DentCore and vhf are a very suitable match, as both companies want to provide best-practice solutions and equipment to their customers. And the Z4 definitely sets new quality standards in the wet machining of blocks: in addition to restorations of glass ceramics, PMMA, zirconia and composites, also prefabricated titanium abutments can be finished with unreached precision.” The Z4 is a high-end milling and grinding machine that allows restorations to be fabricated within mere minutes. Currently, 38 block materials from 20 manufacturers and more than 190 titanium prefab abutments from 11 [...]

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How exocad License Expiration Works

This page provides information regarding exocad license expiration. Not paying the exocad update fee in the due time will cause your license to be expired. Payment due date for all exocad licenses are 45 days prior to the actual contract expiry date. If the end user does not make the payment for the license update or respond to the notification emails by the payment due date, it will be considered that the end user is opting out of updating their exocad license. An expired exocad license will have several consequences, depending your license type. If an exocad license expires, For Perpetual license users: - Users CAN continue to use the license as-is - Users CANNOT update to the latest update - Users CANNOT add new modules - Users CANNOT transfer the license to another reseller - In order to update an expired license, the user must pay the Refresh Program [...]

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i500 Training!

For our current customers, future customers, and anyone who is interested in the Medit i500, we have now launched our Training Site! If you are a new customers: We know it takes time getting use to new equipment and getting started. We made this site to make the transitioning process a a bit easier! If you are a current customer: You’ve already mastered the scanner process, so this was made as a refresher tool for you! We will update this site as new features are made. If you are interested or a future customer: Please take a look and see for your self just how easy Medit makes it to transition over! Go To i500 Training Site

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Medit Beta v2.1.0 Review

Beta v2.1.0 Review Credits to Medit This software’s future looks so bright with all these updates and new features. Medit’s developers work hard to provide and respond to the wants of the current users, making this one of the most improved software that comes with an intraoral scanner. Let’s go over the major features of this Beta that I thought was worth highlighting. The Dashboard Initial reaction for the Dashboard, it is statistics galore. I personally love the “Total Statistics” section where it shows the total amount of time is shown for that specific scanner, the number of orders that are completed or cancelled. If you had set up the Payment System, you can see the total amount for the cases you sent to the labs. Printing the Order Form Printing the order form for clinic records is now available! This was another feature that was very [...]

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Fundamentals of EXOCAD

This course is for beginner to intermediate designers from technicians to dentist. This course will fully cover the tools, and the teach you About this Event Daniel Portal is the owner of Portal Digital Dentistry, a company primarily focused on educating dental professionals around the world on the benefits of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry. As former Senior Product Support specialist for Exocad North America, he was responsible for educating Exocad resellers, labs, and dentists. In this role, he traveled extensively to lectures and demonstrations at trade shows worldwide. Daniel has extensive experience in CAD/CAM having completed at Ameritech College, in Draper, Utah in 2011. Shortly thereafter, he became a dental technician with Arrowhead Dental Lab in Sandy, Utah, and later B&D Dental. At B&D Daniel learned the Exocad-based Origin CAD/CAM system, both for in-house production as well as technical support of end-user labs. In 2014, he [...]

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IMPORTANT: Medit Cleaning & Sterilizing Instructions

Hello! Properly sterilizing your intra oral scanner is an important step in preventing clinical contamination. After treatment, clean and disinfect all other surfaces of the handpiece except for the front of the scanner (optical window) as well as the end (air vent hole). Make sure the device is switched off before cleaning and disinfecting. Use the device only after it is completely dry. Recommended disinfection solution: - Denatured alcohol (eg. ethyl alcohol or ethanol) – typically 60-70% Alc/Vol. The general cleaning and disinfecting procedure are as follows: - Switch off the device using the power button. - Unplug all cables from the power hub. - Attach the handpiece cover to the front of the scanner. - Apply the disinfection solution to a soft lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. - Wipe the scanner surface with a cloth which has been dampened with disinfectant. - Remove liquid with a clean, lint-free, dry, non-abrasive [...]

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Introducing the exocad DentalCAD Refresh Program

  We have exciting news for our exocad DentalCAD users – exocad has launched their new exocad Refresh Program. This new amazing program allows dentalCAD users to update their licenses with only one year’s worth of annual fee + fixed fee; regardless of how many years the license has been expired. The fact that the exocad DentalCAD Perpetual licenses can be updated per user’s preference – and is not a mandatory requirement, is one of exocad’s most unique and attractive features. With this new program, exocad is now even more flexible, as updating old licenses is more affordable than ever. Details exocad DentalCAD licenses update will cost: one-year annual fee for the core version & all modules + $1800 fixed fee. If the license has been expired for only one year, the refresh fee of $1800 will still be charged along with the one-year update fee. However, end users are [...]

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Envision One Launch

The long wait is over: EnvisionTEC has finally launched their next generation cDLM printer for dental applications: The Envision One. The Envision One is the most productive cDLM printer in the market, with a huge build envelope that can contain up to 24 quadrant models and a printing speed that can complete them in 20 minutes, as seen in our Facebook video. Created by one of the most experienced teams of engineers in 3D printing, the Envision One cDLM is the largest, most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. It is bigger, faster, easier to use and more innovative than all the other 3D printers on the market. Designed to take you from beginner to expert in a single machine, the Envision One cDLM is the only professional 3D printer you’ll ever need. EnvisionTEC delivers an end-to-end solution including design software parameter optimization to deliver accurate [...]

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