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Robust engineering, beautifully delivered. The PRO 4K combines the latest 4K imaging
technology with Asiga’s well proven Smart Positioning System (SPS™) to produce a build volume 3x larger
than our desktop 3D printers. Precision, reliability, speed and an Open Material System all come as standard
to provide production continuity for the most demanding digital manufacturing environments.

The PRO 4K incorporates pixel shifting technology to increase part accuracy and surface definition without affecting printing time.
4K mode is a standard feature on every PRO 4K. Native pixel mode is also available for scientific applications requiring deterministic pixel behaviour.

Enjoy Proven Performance in Your Dental Practice with the Asiga Pro 4K 3D Printer

Precision dentistry has been revolutionized in leaps and bounds thanks to the advent of the 3D printing industry. Now, a fully equipped dental clinic can produce accurate designs and form-fitted dental prosthetics quickly and affordably. The Asiga Pro 4K 3D printer offered by Dentcore is the latest imaging system designed to put the comforts of your patients first. With beautifully robust engineering and compatible with a range of materials, offer your patients the most outstanding service to improve their quality of life perfectly.

Why Choose 4K?

You have options when it comes to 3D printers for your dental practice, but with the Asiga Pro 4K 3D printer, you can now offer more. Accurate prosthetics are created using an innovative pixel shifting technology in the shortest amount of time possible, providing scalable manufacturing when compared to desktop 3D printers to cater to the needs of your practice. Custom engineered optics delivers outstanding precision regardless of the complexity for a more comfortable product every time. Layers are formed accurately thanks to the SPS™ process for higher repeatability. The 385nm UV LEDs offer a faster curing time and reduced over-cure. Coupled with simple touch screen operation, you will never find an easier and more efficient system for your practice.

Revolutionize Your Dental Practice with Dentcore Today

Dentistry is changing, so stay up to date with premium digital equipment. Ask about the Asiga Pro 4K 3D printer offered by Dentcore by calling us at (844) 292-8023.


  • Industry Proven Performance
  • The Latest 4K DLP Imaging Technology
  • Beautifully Engineered
  • Open Material System
  • SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology
  • 4K Super Fast Print Mode
  • Proprietary Layering Processes
  • High Powered UV LED 385mm
  • Seamless Integration

Software – Asiga Composer Features

  • Automatic Support and Part Placement
  • Build Time Estimator
  • Multi-Stacking included
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Dynamic Part Array
  • Load and Process Multiple Builds
  • Remote Control

Product Specifications

PRO 4K65PRO 4K80
Build Volume X, Y, Z176.5 x 99 x 200mm. 6.94 x 3.9 x 7.87 inches217 x 122 x 200mm. 8.54 x 4.8 x 7.87 inches
Pixel Resolution65µm80µm
LED Wavelength
385nm (high power UV LED)
385nm (high power UV LED)
Asiga dental materialsDentaMODEL (dental models)
DentaGUM (gingiva mask, soft-tissue)
DentaCAST (investment casting and pressing)
DentaCLEAR (occlusal splints) *
DentaGUIDE (surgical guides) *
DentaIBT (Indirect bonding trays) *
DentaTRY (Try-in, custom impression trays) *
DentaBASE (denture base) *
DentaTOOTH (denture teeth) *
Material CompatibilityOpen Material System including materials from Detax, Whip Mix, Dreve, NextDent, Scheu, Dentca, Pro3dure, Dentona, Keystone & more
ProductionDental models, surgical guides, denture bases, temporaries, partial frameworks, IBT’s, crown and bridge, custom trays, splints and more.
SoftwareAsiga Composer software. Lifetime updates included
File inputsSTL, PLY, SLC, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)
Network CompatibilityWifi, WirelessDirect, Ethernet
Power requirements100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 500 Watts (100V - 5Amp Max. 240V - 2.1Amp)
System sizing465 x 420 x 1370mm / 130Kg. 18.3 x 16.5 x 53.9 inches / 286Lbs
Packed sizing975 x 735 x 1590mm / 150Kg. 38.3 x 28.9 x 62.6 inches / 330Lbs
Warranty12 months manufacturers warranty
Technical supportUnlimited lifetime technical support included
Bundle includes3D printer, Composer software, 1Kg Asiga material, 2L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit

* Contact Asiga for information regarding material biocompatibility certification in your region


*Contact Asiga for information regarding material biocompatibility certification in your region