Amber Mill

New Frontier of Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Blocks

World’s First Machinable Lithium Disilicate

Amber Mill is the first machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate. Its reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics.

Strength for Aesthetic Longevity

Denser and more crosslinked crystal structure of Amber Mill results in superior physical properties. Biaxial flexure strength of Amber Mill is about 10% higher than comparative product after it is fully crystallized.

Natural Opalescence & Fluorescence 

All natural teeth covered by the enamel present opalescence-they seem more blueish when viewed under reflected light and more yellowish when viewed in transmitted light. Amber Mill demonstrates the opalescent feature of natural teeth the most successful way. In addition, Amber Mill shows the closest fluorescence to that of natural teeth.

High Edge Stability 

Outstanding machinability of Amber Mill is evidently affirmative when checking the edges of the milled restorations. High stable edges with less chipping occurrence prove that Amber Mill is the best machinable lithium disilicate block for CAD/CAM system.

Multi-Chromatic Gradation Effect

Restorations with Amber Mill make vivid, definite and substantial visual difference in their outcome. Resulting from the excellent opalescence and fluorescence of Amber Mill, restorations even without staining displays natural color continuum from cervical to incisal/occlusal whereas the comparative products are in dull and monolithic chroma.