Aidite CFP-200

Porcelain Furnace

• Ai intelligent temperature control
• Intelligent hearth technology
• Aero-level vacuum heating purity 1
• 112 + 8 built-in programs

Smart control, precise temperature control

From stain and glaze to crystallization, the fully-equipped CFP-200 meets the demands of today’s CAD/CAM dental laboratory and practice. The Ai intelligent control system accurately holds the temperature in all stages of the heating and cooling process. Featuring quartz tube heating technology and an ultra sealed tray structure to keep the furnace clean and prolong its life, the reliable and user-friendly CFP-200 always produces beautiful restorations

Cameo CFP-200 Porcelain Furnace

CFP 200 Vacuum Sintering Program


Ai intelligent control matches the vacuum pump with each specific program ensuring a stable environment For maximum density. The unique vacuum environment and multi-stage temperature stability with Biomic creates a stunning aesthetic effect.

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