Beta v2.1.0 Review

Credits to Medit

What a time it is to be a Medit i500 user!

This software’s future looks so bright with all these updates and new features. Medit’s developers work hard to provide and respond to the wants of the current users, making this one of the most improved software that comes with an intraoral scanner. Let’s go over the major features of this Beta that I thought was worth highlighting.

The Dashboard

Initial reaction for the Dashboard, it is statistics galore. I personally love the “Total Statistics” section where it shows the total amount of time is shown for that specific scanner, the number of orders that are completed or cancelled. If you had set up the Payment System, you can see the total amount for the cases you sent to the labs.

Printing the Order Form

Printing the order form for clinic records is now available! This was another feature that was very sought after as most of the clinics would screen capture the order form and print that for record keeping. Medit has addressed that fully. To print the Order form, that case must be ordered on Medit Link, and within the Order Box, it is in the Payment Menu.

Raw Scan

The raw files that allow the user to be able to scan from any PC unit is now available!
This is a great addition to the software as there are many clients who want the freedom to be able to scan from multiple operatories while being able to edit all those scans under the same account.

Implant Library

When scanning for an implant procedure, we can now match the exact scanbody from it’s own library so whether its an abutment or a scanbody, the library data will align automatically with the scan data so the user would not need to scan 100% of the scanbody.

– Luke Kim
Clinical Technology Specialist

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